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The Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded and situated in the United States and currently serving Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Delaware States. We currently serve two counties in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Delaware Counties. In Minnesota, we are in Hennepin County; in Delaware, we are in New Castle County. We came about after realizing the high level of poverty among minority folks, low education level, increased gun violence that has taken the lives of young folks, the high crime rate, growing number of substance addictions in the minority communities coupled with the high incarceration rates, low access to healthcare in these communities, discrimination, and the need for minority
solidarity. Because minority folks who are incarcerated and released feel hopeless as they cannot easily find jobs either because of their criminal records or low level of education, they hang around the communities, take in drugs and alcohol excessively, and the simple and faster way to get money is to either rob someone or involve themselves in some illegal acts, get arrested again and imprisoned. Going to prison for them becomes recurrent, and they lose hope for the future. Since they have criminal records and do not attempt to look for jobs, they resort to theft, armed robbery, or selling drugs to survive while the crime rates increase. Some still in school display
behavioral problems and become burdens to the school authorities. Ultimately, they end up dropping out of school, or the schools graduate them out because of their ages but with limited knowledge. These folks end up becoming burdens to the larger society. Therefore, the Minority Center seeks to engage these youth from the schools and local communities, help them get rehabilitated, provide opportunities for GED if needed, and offer to train them in different vocational disciplines. For those with less crime, the Minority Center will then work with the District Attorneys’ offices to help expunge their records after completing the required programs and help them get employment. Minority Center will continue to engage school administrators and local and federal government officials, including senators, representatives, governors, mayors, councilmembers, and law enforcement, to ensure these young people get opportunities and do not remain incarcerated without a trial. There are a lot of young minority folks languishing in jail today for minor offenses without trial because they cannot afford attorney fees. Minority Center seeks to ensure that every minority young man and woman is heard in court and gets a fair trial. Finally, the Minority Center aims to reduce the crime rate in America and improve the living conditions of every minority individual.


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