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Our mission is to promote solidarity among minority communities(immigrants /African Americans), help reduce the number of dependencies and high crime rates and help improve the living conditions of every minority family with emphasis on young people in minority concentrated cities who find it difficult to get  employment because of minor criminal records and or no college education, by creating
programs that encourage minority participation for their own empowerment and to be financially independent and reduce poverty, Our mission is to increase awareness and make healthcare accessible, increase awareness against substance and or opioid addiction, promote education/youth activities, campaign against gun violence through sports/recreational activities
and stand up for the underserved or marginalized communities.



Our vision is to see increased minority solidarity, reduced number of poverties, low incarcerations in minority concentrated cities, reduced crime rates, reduced gun violence, reduced cases of substance and or opioid addictions in minority communities. Our vision is to see improved healthcare, large minority independence, increased number of educational and
youths’ programs, and sport/recreational activities in minority communities



 Our participants are minority individual as follows: African Americans, migrants from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Middle East




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