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In America there is no secret that minorities are marginalized and, at some point targeted in the form of racism. There are many incidents of minority discrimination in America, whether it is an attack on black Congregational Church, the Mosque, the Jewish Temple. Or attack on the Asian Spa or sponsoring legislation to marginalize minorities. The goal of the Minority Solidarity program is to promote and foster unity among color people in America, show love, and concern for each other despite country of origin. For our organization, Minority is defined as: American born African Americans, immigrants from the following countries, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

Activities include the followings:
 Attending program of common interest
 Attending periodic meetings
 Holding joint projects
 Promoting activities of each other
 Holding solidarity marches
 Signing joint resolutions publishing statements on issues that affect minorities or a
particular minority group.
 Holding joint cultural festivities and display of each other culture
 Work together and promote love, unity, and peace in America
 Discourage violence activities 
 Work together and create programs that will improve the living conditions of minority
 Promote education through scholarship programs


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