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                Mr. Alascal Y. Wisner Sr. has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Liberia, a master’s degree in Social Work from Temple University in Pennsylvania, and Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certification (CADC) from the Villanova University, he is a father, and a husband. Mr. Wisner is well seasoned community activist and Social Worker with more than thirty years of experience working with disadvantage people and communities in Africa and the United States. He currently serves as a Commissioner at the Delaware County Immigrant Affairs Commission, a member of the Delaware County Black Caucus, a former member of the Board of the Directors of the Union of Liberian in the Americas, and the founder and Executive Director of the Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment. His community work started as far back as the early 1990s after the Liberian civil war, working as a volunteer at the Monrovia YMCA in Liberia helping disadvantage youth and children since


                Mr. Wisner also worked as Youth Volunteer at the Liberian Council of Churches and was later recommended to the Liberian Inter-Religious Council Youth where he served as its Acting Youth Coordinator until the Youth Desk was formally set up and he decline to continue in the position because of another engaging assignment as Coordinator Emergency, Refugee and
Humanitarian Relief at the Liberian Council of Churches. Because of his experience, the Council of Churches seconded Mr. Wisner to ACT International, (Action by Church Together), a European based disaster emergency preparedness and response group. Mr. Wisner also served as Regional Project Director and Regional Administrator of the Dutch based ZOA Refugee Care in Liberia, and later Project Consultant to the Norwegian Church Aid. Mr. Wisner served in other capacities as Youth President of his local Church, Youth President for his local Community Youth group and Chairperson of the National Student Christian Council, the Liberian branch of the World Student Christian Federation and the African Regional Committee. In the United
States, Mr. Wisner worked in the school system working as Therapeutic Staff Support, in the mental health field as Rehabilitation Counselor. Mr. Wisner also worked with the State of Pennsylvania in various positions: As Licensing officer at the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare visiting Child Residential facilities and ensuring regulatory compliance,
investigating child abuse, inspecting records among others. Mr. Wisner worked with the County of Philadelphia through a local agency consortium, as a Support Coordinator locating, monitoring, and coordinating needed service for waiver participants.

          Mr. Wisner also worked for the County of Delaware Department of Human Services as a Social Worker in the Children and Youth Department where he investigated abuse in collaboration with the police, school districts, hospitals, and other professional institutions. As Child Welfare Social Worker, Mr. Wisner worked with many substances addicted families and abused children, performed drug tests, and made referrals to help rehabilitate affected families. Mr. Wisner resigned the position and occupied the position of Director for Admissions and Programs at the American Safety Options. Currently Mr. Wisner a founder and CEO of the newly formed Minority Staffing & Home Health Care, helping to cater to the elderly and people of disabilities. 


Mr. Wisner also served other positions such as Speaker of the National Representative Council of the National Maryland County Association in the Americas, President, Pennsylvania Old Timer
Sports Association, Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Liberian Association of Pennsylvania, among others.


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