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As an intervention to mitigate the challenges both groups face, Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment proposes to offer social behavior change (SBC) and Pathway services.


The social behavior change program is designed to encourage individuals or communities to adopt new, healthier, or more desirable behaviors while reducing or eliminating harmful or undesirable behaviors. These programs are typically used in public health, education, environmental conservation, and various social initiatives.

The pathway program, often referred to as a "pathway to success" or "career pathway program," is designed to help individuals, often students or job seekers, progress toward their educational or career goals by offering a structured and supportive path.


To provide visible mentorship to schools located in minority communities and provide support to mitigate existing or evolving challenges that immigrant and African American students face in their schools, neighborhoods, and homes.

To help create safe environments or safe spaces in which immigrant students can become adjusted or familiarized to acquire education and self- actualization in much more appreciable ways. 

Whether an individual dropped out of school, was formerly incarcerated, or was addicted to substances, Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment wants to ensure they have access to education and career training. After completion of psychological evaluation and or rehab, Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment will ensure that individuals have access to GED courses.

Upon completion of the below, technical vocational trainings will be offered based on the choice of the individual. Upon completion of the vocation school, Minority Center will work with the individual to get integrated into the society. That will include helping to have his/her criminal records expunged, helping with job placement, establishing his/her own business among others. Base on agreement sign between Minority Center and the individual, Minority Center will make job recommendation and vouch for the individual character stating that he/she has met all requirements established by the Minority Center and is eligible for job placement.


  • HVAC

  • Electricity

  • Plumbing

  • Construction/ Carpentry/Masonry

  • Electronics

  • Auto Mechanics

  • Tailoring

  • Cosmetology

  • Art and Craft

  • Culinary Arts

  • Computer Repairs


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