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Given the frequent arrest of minority young men and women in minority concentrated communities with high immigrant population, we have an organized legal and immigration team who will ensure that minority young men and women get justice when arrested and detained.


Minority Center is cognizant of the fact that most minority young men get arrested for petty crime and languish in prison for without trial. When they finally get to be trialed, they do not get justice because no funds to get good lawyers. Those immigrants who are arrested for lesser charges gradually get deported to the countries of origin because poor legal representations which is associated with lack of finances.


  1. Appointment sessions with criminal lawyers

  2. Appointment sessions with immigration lawyer

  3. Filling out of immigration forms

  4. Legal representation if possible

  5. Immigration awareness sessions

  6. Legal representation

  7. Legal referral if possible

  8. Expungement of criminal records

  9. Visitations to prison facilities to speak to incarcerated minorities who are yet to have a court hearing

  10. Community Integration

  11. Housing

  12. Education Opportunity


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