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Crime rate in America continue to rise especially in minority populated communities. For the sake of the research, we take a close look at the State of Pennsylvania with emphasis on Philadelphia and Delaware counties where we have experienced lot of crime specifically gun violence. The underlining issue here is that majority of our young folks who get incarcerated for crimes and serve prison time are not properly rehabilitated when they return. These folks return to the streets, get in trouble again and return to prison, and get release again, because there are no means of getting job because of criminal records, they engage in criminal activities and get arrested again. Some remain in prison without timely hearing either because no one is following up with their cases, or the family does not have the means to afford attorney fees. There are minimum programs for these folks when they are release from the prison and their future remain bleak. Philadelphia is home to an estimated 1,584,064 residents, 65.5% identify with a racial demographic other than & white 42.1% of residents identify as black or African American, 7.2% as Asian, and 14.7% as Hispanic. These demographics, including the approximately 14.1% of residents born outside the United States, are the intended program participants for Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment in Philadelphia.

Chester is home to an estimated 34,000 residents. The population of Delaware County, where Chester resides, is estimated at 566,747. While 65.6% of Delaware County residents identify as white, only 17.1% of Chester residents identify as white. The city population identifies as 68.9% Black or African American and 11.6% Hispanic or Latino. 4.5% of Chester residents and 10.4% of Delaware County residents identify as born outside the United States. These demographics are the intended participants for Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment in Chester. Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but it is also home to high poverty, crime, and unemployment rates. These issues make it incredibly difficult for many people to provide for themselves and their families. Similar issues face the residents of the small city of Chester in Delaware County. The U.S. Census Bureau reports 24.3% of Philadelphia residents and 31.4% of Chester residents live below the Federal Poverty Line. Philadelphia #39 rate is more than double and Chester’s rate is more than triple the 10.5% national average. With a per capita income under $28,000 in Philadelphia and $17,581 in Chester, far too many residents experience crippling poverty.

Living in poverty reduces the opportunities afforded to individuals. Many students do not graduate from high school to try and provide for their families. The School District of Philadelphia reports a dropout rate of 28% across the system. Dropping out of high school has long-term effects on the student#39 ability to secure employment. (Dropout rates were not available for the 20 schools in Delaware County.) In January 2021, 11.2% of Philadelphia residents and 7.7% of Delaware County residents were unemployed. With a lack of opportunity due to lack of jobs and a high poverty rate, unfortunately, many residents turn to illegal activities as a means of survival. In the City of Philadelphia, one in three residents has a criminal record and of course most of those with criminal records are minority men. The Philadelphia Police Department reported 2020 homicides were at a 14-year high, up more than 40% from 2019. Chester reported 469 violent crimes to the FBI in 2019, only 133 of which were cleared


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