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In order to explore more scholars, Minority Center will engage high school and college students in intense intellectual exercises to help keep them busy as extra curriculum activities. Minority Center will have an intellectual club where emerging scholars will be spotted and the following activities will take place periodically especially during the summer seasons when student are off campus. Minority Center will also train students for job placement. Also, because more parents cannot afford the money to pay for study class for their children who face deficiencies in certain subjects particularly the sciences and those having problem in the writing scales, Minority Center will seek the assistance of those knowledgeable in the above areas to assist students facing difficulties in these areas.
Instructional staff in any school are capable of identifying students who may be meaningful to society and students who may be burden to society when proper measures are not put into place. With this, Minority Center will work with schools administrations to identify behavioral graduation because of other issues. Minority Center will work with these students and help make them meaning to society.
1. Intellectual clubs
2. Debate teams
3. Quizzing teams
4. Press club
5. Tutoring classes
6. Job Training
7. Peer Group Meetings

8. Summer Camps


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