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The various communities’ members have and will continue to need a comfortable environment where they can access information to obtain resources and get assistance.    As Minority Center for Participation and Empowerment grows into a future facility, we will provide necessary social services for the community.


Certified caseworkers will connect those in need with available resources. Services include applying for government entitlement programs, referrals to other organizations, food and transportation assistance, and legal referrals for those needing representation or immigration assistance.



  • COVID -19 Prevention & Awareness

  • Lecture series on danger of gun violence

  • Marriage and family forum

  • Keeping the community inform on passage of legislations

  • Senior programs

  • Rent rebate

  • Welfare application

  • Food supplies

  • Medical transportation application

  • Home Health Agency referrals

  • Social Security application

  • Getting information about any government assistance program

  • Job application

  • Insurance information and application

  • Among others

  • Community Integration

  • Housing

  • Education


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